Hello Ceaaa

Then the review Lipstick or lip Matt beef dip water.

(Liquid Lipstick)

To anyone who was raised as a good lipstick. At this time the top

Bell asked volunteers to look out for each other. Like the colors of the four brands.

Said that all the brands buy their own use and like. 

1.Kylie Lip Kit

He picked out two reviews, which are like   Posie K and Dirty Peach. 

Made in : USA

Smell : Signature is very mild vanilla smell. Personally I like it very much Interesting smell 5555

Meat : meat rather liquid Apply mouth very close match. More importantly, not dry like paint, of course.

Resistance : Resistance is noted lip dip this course. There may be some time off to dine. The downside is the time to add a little lip is thicker. Lip color and make friends from the original. As a person, I would like to see some funny little disorder (Yes, Jose is not a mouth Kylie is 5555) Cleaning Cleansing recommend three to four rounds, stand firmly GG this point.

Price : expensive price surpassed the pre-sales in Thailand, about 1600-1900  per rod if you purchase a Single lip will be more than a billion people do not consider it a good value for my girls.


Posie K | LIP KIT

These colors like pink and purple. The first round is pretty much the same, because it’s not recommended to apply paint to the second round it look thicker. And color distortion face look older. (This point does not want to), so that the points made in it enough.



New colors that scream so hard

With that vision now. I can not wait for the next release.

Right this second (It’s a very old building IMPACT).

When we work out this time, too. (Why do not you like 55).


I was asked if I was floating, floating, I come from that purchase. Definitely need to float

But Bell also likes to mix paint colors to help it face did not look too pale. If the other eye This color is very beautiful

If this is not the end makeup finish !!!

2.The Balm Meet Matt (e) Hughes Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick.

Made in : USA

Smell : The Signature as well. Smells like candy mint odor. The special paint is enough to cool the mouth like.

Meat : meat rather liquid Matt and some paint on the mouth. The moisture of the lips is like the Oldest.

Resistance : resistance enough time to eat, but also off it. To add to tolerate less than Kylie.

Price : fishing rods purchased from Sephora 950 baht.



This color is the color most favored now, as Everyday Look paint very often.

Easy to apply colors stand for a charming charming.




Vampire red color is red, like the color.

Leaving little carmine The next job was very

(In light brighter than a bit of truth).



3.Lime Crime


Smell : The smell out candy as well. But I do not like the smell So do not smell it !! It is not a problem to hinder legibility.

Texture : The texture is a bit thick. Should apply the same The second round may fall if the secondary.

Resistance : Resistance has enough time to eat it. She did very well.

Price : Pre-order Derma rods, each about 800 baht.


Pumpkin orange paint highlights many of us love her. People often ask how to apply lip color like her ??

Oh my pumpkin ^^



I like this color image. It’s pink shrimp more

I paint a lot Look very dull We could not stay with me ??


4.Kat von D

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

Smell has a mild odor can not say anything bad for me.

Meat : beef, some paint and Matt pretty slick too.

Resistance : Resistance is a good time to eat out is a break in the mouth. Just fill in the address

Price : 900 baht per order from Sephora bars.


 Everyday look is a color that can be done every day from reddish brown to me, that started off.



Tangerine paint and striking bright white color is the color you love.

He made time to shoot a good bang.



Conclusion: oops: 

Resistance  Kylie Lip> Kat Von D> Lime Crime> The Balm.

Price   Kylie Lip> The Balm> Kat Von D> Lime Crime.

Meat (super thin – thick) The Balm> Kat Von D> Kylie Lip> Lime Crime.


* This is the personal opinion here. May vary according to the condition of mouth and personal preferences. I wanted to try and see for consideration Ngaaaa. If there are errors, I apologize that this trade.


will be expensive no matter. The cost would be primarily ♡.



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